Tried and Tested Tips to Reopen Your Escape Room

Tried and Tested Tips to Reopen

As businesses across the globe gradually begin opening the doors, some of you might be left frustrated that your escape room has either not been allowed to resume operations yet, or perhaps your customer numbers have taken a significant hit. If you find yourself in either position, the following tips may be helpful for you in navigating the uncertainty of the post-lockdown climate.

1. Be proactive in approaching your local authority:

As business owners, it is sometimes necessary to have your voices heard and to put a human face to the consequences of rules and regulations that your local government may impose. Attending open forums, joining hands with other escape room owners and talking to local representatives about the particular issues escape room venues face could be a worthwhile step to take to ensure that your business may open as soon as possible. If you do manage to book a meeting with your local representative, make sure you have done your homework. Prepare a set of Standard Operating Procedures for them to review. Propose ways to make things safer for everyone including your staff and all the customers. Also, be willing to compromise and to work with your local authority for shared solutions. Perhaps recommend some kind of trial period that you can both agree upon. These little steps may seem daunting but your voice matters and if you keep speaking up, they will have to listen.

2. Cut costs:

Consider cutting costs by choosing to open only on days that you know will draw in more people. For example, begin by opening on weekends first or rotate certain rooms according to the day or time. This way, you do not need additional staff to run the additional rooms especially if you are nowhere close to capacity. Another way to cut costs is to see if there are incidental spends that are unnecessary. Oftentimes, little things can add up. Take stock of all the tasks you need to do and prioritise what needs to be done first and what can wait for another day.

3. Increase Customer Spending:

By now, you should know the ins and outs of your business. Look into how you can increase customer spending at your venue. Some ways this can be done is bundling products and services. For example, you may increase spending with each booking if you bundle your game with perhaps a keepsake or souvenir. Train your staff to upsell things like drinks and snacks or discount vouchers.

Another way you could increase customer spending is to add a quick puzzle in the lobby that costs 1 dollar to play for the winning prize of a free entry ticket. Of course, you will need to make sure the game is sufficiently difficult and put a time limit on them to solve it. Have this game be visible from the front door of your premises to cater to people passing by. Be sure to advertise that it won’t take much of their time (5-10 minutes max) and display the value of the prize clearly against the cost of playing. These tried and tested tips do work and will help attract interest. Make your single prop game look and feel high quality. If you do not know how to make them yourself, they can be bought ready-made from sites such as from for minimal investment and maximum returns.

These suggestions should make a difference in helping you get back on your feet. The most important thing is to be patient and trust that things will slowly return to normal. Keep your premises clean, have SOPs in place and help your customers maintain their peace of mind. Be proactive and trust that things will get better.

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