Don't Buy an Escape Room Franchise until You Have Read our Advice!

So you’ve been dreaming about running your very own Escape Room business but don’t quite know where or how to start. One popular option is to go the escape room franchise route. For those of you unfamiliar with this business model, franchising is when you collaborate with a company and use their products and services under their brand. You will be the business owner of the franchise while the franchise owner will provide considerable backend support. Don't commit to any franchise brand until you have read the below:

1. Franchise or Own Build?

This option is often a good route to go for those keen on having an escape room business but does not quite have the experience or knowledge on how to set one up from scratch. The ability to set up a complete product without having to put resources into designing, testing and constructing your own original game room can be a time and cost effective alternative to starting up your escape room business and is a good option for those less experienced in this area.

2. What Criteria to Look For?

Choosing the right franchise, however, requires that you do the proper research. There are many escape room franchise brands out there so look out for those that come with better perks and benefits. The most important benefit to look out for is the level of support before, during and after the setup of the franchise. You want to partner with a franchise owner that provides adequate support and is responsive to your questions and concerns and who will help resolve any issues throughout the entire process from inception to receiving your first customers and beyond. For instance, support from the Breakout brand is from location selection up to marketing support. Read more here.

3. Research on their Clients' Feedback

Always look for franchisees that have proven success models as those tend to be the safer bets as it signals experience on their part. Especially if this is your first business, you will want to get into the escape room business with adequate guidance from people who have tried and tested the model.

Finally, look at customer reviews. This will give you an idea of the quality of the rooms themselves. For an escape room to thrive, it should ideally appeal to the large middle ground of customers. The rooms should be fun, not too difficult to solve and appropriate to a wide cross-section of various demographics. Reviews will offer a lot of insight with regards to this and you can usually get a pretty accurate picture of what the experience of playing the rooms are like based on customer reviews.

Any business takes a lot of hard work and escape rooms are no different. Even running a franchise requires considerable effort and dedication on your part. However, finding the right franchise owner can be a huge help so it is advisable to take your time to research and choose wisely before committing to starting your very own escape room business.